Packaging releases#

Sire is now fully tested and deployed using GitHub actions. The development process should be;

  • New features are developed on feature branches, called feature-{feature}, either in the main Sire repository for authorised developers, or in personal forks for new developers.

  • Bug fixes or issue fixes are developed on fix branches, called fix-issue-{number} (again in either the main repository or forks).

  • Pull requests are issued from these branches to devel. All merge conflicts must be fixed in the branch and all tests must pass before the pull request can be merged into devel. NOTE THAT ONLY AUTHORISED DEVELOPERS CAN ACCEPT THE PULL REQUEST. Authorised developers will review the pull request as quickly as they can. They will be greatly helped if the feature is accompanied with tests, examples and/or tutorial instructions.

The result of this is that “devel” should contain the fully-working and tested, and most up-to-date version of sire. However, this version should not be used for production runs.


The group of developers authorised to have access to the main Sire repository and to accept pull requests is not fixed, and will evolve over time. If you wish to join this group then please complete the tutorial and then demostrate your commitment by submitting good issues and pull requests from a personal fork of the repository. Please get in touch if you find this difficult, or follow this workshop and this workshop if you need to learn how to use Git, GitHub, feature branching, merging, pull requests etc.

Defining a release#

We will release sire regularly. Releases aim to be backwards compatible and capable of being used for production runs, at least for the functionality that is fully described in the tutorial.


It is the job of the release manager (currently lohedges) to decide when it is time to create a new release. If you are interested in helping join the release management group then please feel free to get in touch.

Creating a release#

To create a release accept a pull request from devel into main. This will automatically trigger the GitHub Action to build the conda packages for the platforms and python versions that we currently support. These will be pushed automatically to conda-forge.

Please remember to update the Changelog with details about this release. This should include the link at the top of the release that shows the commit differences between versions. This can be easily copied from a previous release and updated.